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175 West 13th Street, Suite 1A 

New York, NY 10011

212.  206.  1715.

[email protected]

To protect my clients during the Covid-19 pandemic, I am suspending in-office sessions, until further notice.  I am currently conducting sessions by video and telephone.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information.

Your search for solutions, healing or support has brought you to me,

William Brosh

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Our Services

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Disillusioned, depressed or feeling stagnant? Not reaching your life's potential?

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Relationship troubles with your children, marriage, or at work?

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Unable to find the right partner for an intimate relationship?

Maybe you tried therapy before but did not achieve the results you had hoped for?

Maybe you tried therapy before but did not achieve the results you had hoped for?

WELCOME!   Please call me Bill

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License # 076889) and I provide results-oriented psychotherapy, counseling, or life coaching for:

• individuals
• couples
• groups

{ See my "What I Offer" page for more details }

Here is a short list of the kinds of issues that I have helped my clients with:

  • Marital, family or other relationship problems
  • Recovery (and relapse prevention) from alcohol and drug abuse
  • Improving workplace difficulties and employment options
  • Personal growth and emotional development
  • Managing mood disorders (depression, anxiety, panic, bi-polar, PTSD...)
  • Alleviating character flaws or personality disorders

I also specialize as a Forensic Social Worker; working closely with attorneys, to help them achieve better outcomes for their clients' civil or criminal cases. 

Services I provide include:

• Oral Advocacy in Court based on Psychosocial Evaluations

• Pre-Pleading and Pre-Sentencing Reports for Judges and District Attorneys

• Clinical services for individuals and families

{ See my "Forensic Social Work" page for a comprehensive description }

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My goal...

Click to Add Title to offer the possibility of a better future and to help you on the journey of change. My role would be to ensure that you get the tangible results that you seek. I am very passionate about my work; and each day that I see clients, I experience the wonder and awe of their strengths, resiliency and courage to improve themselves.

Choosing a therapist or a life coach...

... is a very important decision and you should feel completely comfortable and deserving to shop around for your best match. You may want to interview more than one provider. To make the process easier for you, I offer a very affordable consultation.

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... is to phone and speak with me. I will take the time to listen and to try to thoroughly understand what is troubling you at this time. Nearly always, I am able to suggest something that would be immediately helpful. If you like, we can schedule an appointment for a personal consultation, within a few days, so that you don't have to wait too long to get some sense if I am the right person for you.

See What People Are Saying

A good way to start...

You will find that...

... I have an unusually flexible approach to working with my clients, which includes available weekend hours. I can even schedule appointments in clients' homes or offices, if necessary.

Please feel free to take a minute and visit the rest of my website. Hopefully, you will find the answers to many of your questions.

My contact information is:

Phone:  212. 206. 1715

[email protected]

My office is located at

175 West 13th Street, Suite 1A

New York, NY 10011

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all sessions are currently being conducted by video or telephone

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